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Urgent urination, frequent urination, but no pain in urination and discomfort in lower abdomen

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Urgent urination, frequent urination, but no pain ..
A colleague of mine, 36, female. A month ago, she suffered from acute cystitis, that is, acute urinary tract infection. She recovered after more than 10 days of antibiotic treatment.

But this week she had frequent urination, urgency, but no pain. She took Sanjin tablets, levofloxacin and junbizhi by herself for a week, but she didn't get better.

After she went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her that there were no bacteria and other infections, and all the laboratory indexes were normal. Hospitals have no way.

Later, she came to me for consultation, so I diagnosed her as frequent urination, urgent urination but no pain, little urine volume every time, discomfort in her small abdomen, thirsty, and like to drink hot water (it was summer at that time). She didn't catch a cold, the stone was light red, the coating on her tongue was thin and white, and everything else was normal.

I thought about it carefully for a while. Her main symptom is that urination is not good! I suddenly thought of the article "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" "Wuling powder can be used to treat those with floating pulse, unfavorable urination, slight heat and thirst.

Isn't this the syndrome of dampness in the bladder of Taiyang meridian in the treatise on febrile diseases? I decided to let her go to the drugstore to buy five doses of Wuling powder.

Later, she called me to tell me: one dose of medicine will improve, and two doses of medicine will restore health.
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