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About TCM
There are too many words about the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine. This article, I will use the most understandable language to introduce Chinese medicine to you, so that you have some basic understanding.

Traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated for thousands of years.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not a superstition, nor a demon. It is based on the human body Qi and blood, cold and heat, unblocked or silting conditions to treat diseases.

Most of them are plants and animals, and a small amount of minerals. Most of these animals and plants are non-toxic, and occasionally a few are poisonous. The toxicity of toxic traditional Chinese medicine is specialized in treating certain diseases.

The branches and leaves, roots and fruits of thousands of plants, such as jujube, beef, mutton, yam, dandelion, wolfberry, mulberry and so on, are all Chinese medicine.

For example, eating too much beef can cause indigestion. If you use traditional Chinese medicine to treat indigestion caused by eating too much meat, you can use Chinese yam, hawthorn, malt, Shenqu, areca and other boiled water, drink 2-3 times will be good.

If it is due to the abdominal cold caused by dyspepsia, this is the stomach cold, you can use ginger, brown sugar, cinnamon twigs, yam, etc. to drive away the cold in the stomach, and the body will be restored to health.

For some toxic traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine also has a special method to eliminate its toxicity, we call it: processing. It is to fry, steam, boil, sun and other complex processes of traditional Chinese medicine, which can eliminate most of the toxicity and retain a small amount of toxicity, which is harmless to human body and can cure diseases.

Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years. It is the national treasure of China and the wealth of the world. Now more and more countries have recognized TCM.

However, due to the high flexibility of traditional Chinese medicine, there is no fixed mode to copy. The biggest feature of traditional Chinese medicine in treating diseases is one prescription for one person, and one hundred prescriptions for a hundred people. Therefore, it is difficult for modern people who are accustomed to standardization to learn or accept highly flexible and infinitely changing traditional Chinese medicine.

The only thing that does not change in this world is change!

This is the essence of the book of changes: everything in the world is changing at any time.

Therefore, targeted treatment and personalized treatment are the fundamental methods to treat diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine can treat diseases fundamentally.

For example, a person with arthritis, modern medical examination is inflammation, to carry out anti-inflammatory, pain relief, patients can be more comfortable, slowly rely on the body to recover.

But traditional Chinese medicine does not treat this way. What Chinese medicine considers is why this person will suffer from arthritis, because immunity is too poor? Or is it because the legs have been cold? Or the channels in the legs are blocked?

After analyzing the method, traditional Chinese medicine will not give him pain relief, but to dredge the channels and collaterals, expel cold, improve immunity, let fresh blood unimpeded, fundamentally cure arthritis.

This is a brief introduction to traditional Chinese medicine. I will update it at any time and gradually increase more knowledge.

Thank you for coming to learn about TCM!

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