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About Website
Hello, I'm Hanly, the administrator of this BBS. I come from China and work in education.

You know, there is a lot of pressure for Chinese high school students to take the university entrance examination. In 2021, 11 million high school students will be admitted to the University.

My education work in China is about Mathematics for high school students. We can improve high school students' math scores by 30-50 points in two weeks.

The above is my main work in China. Next, let's talk about this website.

This website is my spare time to introduce Chinese medicine to the world. For the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, please visit this post:http://san-xin-tang.cn/Other/2020-11-29/5.htm

In fact, this is a BBS, friends all over the world can register for free and post.

And my main job is to use my Chinese advantages to introduce effective cases and treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine to you.

Of course, my English is not very good. if there is something I can't translateso,I will type out what I want to say in Chinese, and then translate it into English through the translation software. Maybe the reading experience is not particularly good, but I believe you should be able to understand the meaning of the article.

I'm really sorry, my English is really bad, but I really want to promote traditional Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine has cured my disease, I am also a lover of traditional Chinese medicine.

The content of this BBS will be more and more perfect with the passage of time. It will include thousands of effective cases of TCM treatment, as your health reference, especially for various chronic diseases, TCM has good cure cases. In the future, I will show you the classification in BBS.

For the TCM books I read, please refer to:http://san-xin-tang.cn/Other/2020-11-29/8.htm

For the introduction of famous TCM doctors, please refer to:http://san-xin-tang.cn/Other/2020-11-29/7.htm

That's the value of the site. Its value is huge, but it also has effective shortcomings, there is no perfect thing, I hope you can tolerate it, love it!

thank you!
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