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Disclaimer and Privacy

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Disclaimer and Privacy
About treatment:

1. The treatment methods and information on this website can be used as your health reference. If you want to use the methods provided by this website, it is necessary to take an article and go to a special Chinese doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for consultation.

2. Because of the high flexibility of traditional Chinese medicine, people and people's diseases will not be exactly the same, so medication and dosage are uncertain, must not be copied.

3. If you treat the disease according to the method of this website, we are not responsible for it. The information of this website is for reference and learning TCM only, not as a basis for treatment.

If you do not agree, please leave this website immediately.

About privacy:

1. You may not provide true information when you register on this website.

2. Whether your registration information is true or false, we will keep it confidential for you.

3. You can also browse information without registering. If you want to post, you need to register.

4. This website is a personal hobby small website, is not the commercial website, nobody buys this website's information.

5. This website publishes some general information: such as gender, country, user name, etc.

6. If the national law enforcement department needs this website to provide your information according to law, then I have to do so.

7.If you violate the law and morality, we will delete or freeze your account.

If you do not agree, please leave this website immediately.
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