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The little girl’s underwear has green marks, leucorrhea like tofu residue, bad breath and eye feces

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The little girl’s underwear has green marks, leuc..
I work in the community clinic. A mother led her 6-year-old daughter to see a doctor. She said that recently she found that her daughter's underwear always had green marks. She could feel the bean curd residue with her hands. She was sure that it was not residual stool.

The mother was worried that the green mark would always appear on her daughter's underwear, and it didn't appear in the morning, but only in the afternoon.

I asked if there were any other abnormalities besides green marks. She said that Dabao had bad breath, yellow eye excrement and red lips every afternoon.

OK, I asked her to give her daughter two kinds of Chinese patent medicine: Shuanghuanglian oral liquid and Xiaochaihu granules.

Green belongs to liver, eye excrement, halitosis and so on, which indicates that children's liver fire is exuberant, so use these two kinds of Chinese patent medicine to eliminate liver fire.

On the third day of the child's medication, the mother came to the clinic and told me in surprise that her daughter had no green mark the next day! Thank you to me!

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